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How is the King Strap attached to the exhaust system? What prevents a thief from removing it?

There are a total of (3) mechanisms involved in attaching the King Strap to the exhaust system. First, there is a heat activated strip on the back of the King Strap (black color) that bonds onto the exhaust pipe and converter after approximately two hours of engine run time. The adhesive is near impossible to pry off for a thief on their back under a car with limited leverage. Second, we include 8 (7 Foot King Strap) or 13 (12 Foot King Strap) stainless steel ties that you use to secure along the length of the strap. This helps ensure the adhesive bond is tight during the initial installation, and is an additional physical attachment. Third, hard exhaust clamps, to be purchased separately, should be used at either end of the converter and at the extremities of the strap. We don't include these clamps because different vehicles have different diameter pipes. They are inexpensive (~$5 per clamp) to buy and readily available at any auto parts store or at your installer's shop.


My vehicle has two catalytic converters. Will the King Strap fit?

Yes, many Toyota, Ford, and Chevy trucks have two converters in a y-pipe. You will need two 7' King Straps to cover both converters, for the two parallel sections of exhaust pipe. The King Strap is compatible with all y-pipe configurations.

* We Do offer a single strap at a discounted rate in these cases.


Where is the best place to mount the Catalytic Converter Alarm?

The best place to mount the sensor/alarm is up in front of the converter, somewhere on the cradle under the engine/transmission assembly, point from front to back. This area will protect the sensor from most issues that could cause damage (moisture, physical damage). It is also an inconspicuous location - so it will not be tampered with... Note that it is small and black, not something that stands out, not easily located.
Note that the sensor/alarm is sensitive. If you have a truck, or a vehicle that is high off the ground, its important to mount the sensor well above the converter. Its possible that the sensor will pick up movement beyond the perimeter of the vehicle - activating when a body is merely approaching the vehicle. In some cases, you may have to experiment with the exact placement and sensitivity functions.